Nathu Ram

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What is Natural Dye Blockprinting?

The art of Natural Dye block-printing dates back to more than 600 years in the region of Thar and Bhit Shah,

The dyes/colors used in the fabric are extracted by natural resources making it 100% Organic, eco-friendly product.

In order to protect this art from being extinct, Voile Pakistan is determined to bring more designs in "Nathu Ram" collection.

Who was Nathu Ram?

Nathu Ram was a Natural Dye Blockprinting Artisan based in the Thar region of Pakistan, his family has a legacy of more than 700 years.

With the passage of time and the advancement in fashion industry this work was left baren by many of the artisans leading this art to become endangered.

Amongst them, all Nathu Ram pledged to run this technique in his later generation, though he is not amongst us anymore his family is the only family left to carry this art forward in the Thar region.

This Collection is a tribute to his efforts to save the art,

Voile hopes to bring this art back to life by collaborating with his family.

Are the Natural Dyes fast?

Our ajrak fabrics are crafted using traditional natural dyes, which impart a unique and authentic character to the textiles. It's important to note that natural dyes, while rich and vibrant, may exhibit some initial color bleeding during the first wash. This is not a defect but rather a testament to the genuine and naturally dyed nature of the fabric.

To ensure the longevity of the colors, we recommend handwashing your ajrak fabric separately in cold water with a mild detergent for the first few washes. This will help set the dyes and minimize any color bleeding. Over time, the colors will become more stable, and you'll enjoy the enduring beauty and charm of your ajrak fabric. It's a unique quality that adds to the character and appeal of these traditional textiles.

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