Deewan e Khas (Stitched)

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Zarrin Hand woven, Dresses, VOILE

Zarrin Hand woven

Rs: 19,998Rs: 15,000
Named after the Award given by the Mughal Emperor "Akbar" to his artists, This article is an ode to all the artists of the sub-continent , Combining the ancient arts...
Hiran Minar Hand woven, Dresses, VOILE

Hiran Minar Hand woven

Rs: 23,998Rs: 16,800
Would you ever keep an antelope as an exotic pet?  Jahangir from the Mughal Empire used to have an antelope ‘Mansraj’ that was a sight for sore eyes. Its breathtaking...
Basawan Hand woven, Dresses, VOILE

Basawan Hand woven

Rs: 23,998Rs: 16,800
Named after the miniature artist of Mughal Empire, Basawan was one of the most talented painter of his era, he devoted his time to the emperors to create compelling portraits...