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Crimson, Dresses, Dresses, VOILE


Rs: 8,640
Introducing "Crimson" inspired by the 80s. With black fabric and white & red stripes, it exudes sophistication and confidence. Tailored to perfection using high-quality materials, this suit lets you showcase your...
Zest, Dresses, Dresses, VOILE

Zest 3Pc

Rs: 8,000
Introducing "Zest," a beautiful three-piece suit with retro-inspired prints. The suit features a white background with stunning mustard floral designs, creating a captivating look. It combines the charm of the...
Wisteria, Dresses, Dresses, VOILE


From Rs: 6,080
Introducing "Wisteria" The purple bliss of the nature's aura, created with complementing floral patterns, complementing you with the chic styled outfit this dress is bound to make the heads turn....
Retro, Dresses, Dresses, VOILE


Rs: 7,680
Introducing "Retro" as the name reflects it presents an ode to 90s Aesthetics combined with modern fashion trends, to make you feel evergreen  Fabric Cotton Lawn Includes ShirtTrouser   Saving...
Dove, Dresses, Dresses, VOILE

Dove 3pc

Rs: 8,320
Introducing "Dove" our luxurious three-piece suit, blending artistry and nostalgia. It features a captivating sea green color adorned with delicate pink floral motifs, capturing the essence of the 80s. Each...
Iris, Dresses, Dresses, VOILE


Rs: 8,320
Introducing "Iris" a blend of artistry and nostalgia. It features a captivating sea green color with delicate pink floral patterns, reminiscent of the vibrant 80s. With every stitch, it showcases elegance...
Petunia, Dresses, Dresses, VOILE

Petunia Printed Shirt

Rs: 4,480
Introducing "Petunia," a captivating women's shirt that takes you on a journey to the mesmerizing world of retro prints. It features a delicate pink color adorned with gentle swirls of...
Periwinkle, Dresses, Dresses, VOILE


From Rs: 6,080
Introducing "Periwinkle" imitating the garden this dress evolves into a greater meaning "Life" Curated with delicate floral patterns, This dress marks the fusion between evergreen aesthetic and modern age fashion concepts...