Faunus Hand woven, Dresses, VOILE
Faunus Hand woven, Dresses, VOILE
Faunus Hand woven, Dresses, VOILE
Faunus Hand woven, Dresses, VOILE
Faunus Hand woven, Dresses, VOILE

Faunus Hand woven

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checked--v1 Handwoven by Local and Rare Artisans of Pakistan.

checked--v1 100% pure natural cotton yarn making the article Ultra Soft and Comfortable.

checked--v1 Each article is Hand-Crafted by the HOURS of tireless efforts by the hand-weavers, hence it's an Exclusive and Limited-Edition article.

checked--v1 Limited Articles mean that you will be ONE in a Million to own this Rare article. 

checked--v1  Free Delivery in Pakistan.

checked--v1 6 Days Easy Returns and Exchanges (For Pakistan).

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I am a pair of Shirt and Trouser Hand-woven by the master and rare artisans of Pakistan.

I was woven by the technique of Self Jacquard technique a rare technique which is near to its extinction in Pakistan.

It took my weaver 12 hours to weave only the Shirt Fabric.

My Pret is handmade self jacquard pattern fabric weaved with the finest form of pure combed cotton yarn, I am an elegant straight cut shirt with box pattern sleeves, styled with checkered band collar and bone placket along with jacquard ornament on front and sleeves.

I am also Paired with handmade checkered plain cotton trouser.

Do not Worry! I will not loose my colors, I am yarn-dyed by OEKO-TEX® certified dyes, which makes me more comfortable and irritation free, which means that I'll never harm your skin.

I was woven by Voile's master artisan "Zubair"

Zubair (Aged 64) now living in Karachi migrated from Banaras, India in 1973, and started hand-weave at the age of 11, Zubair is one of the brothers amongst 12 siblings, according to him the art of hand-weave has been passed on to their family through their forefathers. Zubair since the age of 11 had been establishing a family business with his father and brothers to support their family, but due to this art vanishing from Pakistan he had to shut down his business operations, Zubair claims that as this art is dying they wish to pass these unique techniques to their later generations.

Voile and its master artisans are vigorously working to put life into the art of hand-weave, we hope that by promoting this art to our valuable customers the next generation of our artisans might carry on the tradition of hand-weave. Voile is committed to facilitating this art by supporting our local artisans and their families in exploring rare techniques and providing an irreplaceable space in the fast fashion industry.

  Handwash is preferred   |     Dry Clean   |     Ecological Detergents Recommended

I truly believe that once you receive me, you'll love me and wouldn't want to return me. But still in anyway if you want to exchange or return me, relax, Voile has got it all covered, Just inform their team within 6 days of your purchase on their WhatsApp and they will come to pick me up for return or exchange, Yes, I'm that special 😊, and they won't charge for anything. for detailed explanation you can visit their return/exchange policy page.

Delivery will take 2-3 Working days after our representative have called you and confirmed your order. Kindly provide your correct number and recieve the call from our representative, other-wise the order may be cancelled.

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