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What is Jolaha?

Jolaha in Urdu means "Hand-weaver". In 2018, Voile set out on a special mission – to rescue the fading art forms of fashion. It all began with a heartfelt effort to revive the ancient craft of Hand-weaving, a tribute to the skilled artisans who had almost been forgotten.

At Voile, shopping is more than just buying clothes; it's a way to honor and celebrate the talented weavers who weave magic into every thread. The collection dedicated to Hand-weavers is a special nod to their incredible work. In this space, Voile goes beyond typical shopping and becomes a place where craftsmanship shines, where artistry is cherished, and where every purchase is a blend of tradition and luxury.

Why handwoven art?

We believe that handwoven fabrics are not just a part of our rich heritage, but they represent a unique blend of tradition and artistry. While modern technology has its merits, handwoven textiles carry a timeless charm and authenticity that can't be replicated by machines.

By preserving the art of handwoven fabrics in Pakistan, we are not only promoting our cultural heritage but also supporting local artisans and their livelihoods. These artisans possess remarkable skills that have been passed down through generations, and we aim to honor and sustain this craftsmanship.

Furthermore, handwoven fabrics often use sustainable and eco-friendly materials and processes, aligning with our commitment to responsible and ethical fashion. We believe that in a world where mass production dominates, the value of handmade, unique, and sustainable products should never be underestimated. Handwoven fabrics are not just old-fashioned; they are a timeless expression of culture, sustainability, and craftsmanship that we're proud to promote through Voile.

Why Cotton?

We prioritize cotton for its sustainability and comfort, aligning with our commitment to a greener fashion industry and celebrating Pakistan's cultural heritage. Handmade fabrics, with their unique imperfections and artisanal craftsmanship, offer a personal touch and support local artisans. Our focus on ethical production ensures fair wages and responsible manufacturing. So, while fancy materials and machine-made fabrics are available, our choice of cotton and handmade textiles reflects our dedication to sustainability, culture, and ethical fashion, offering our customers more than just clothing – a meaningful connection to Pakistan's heritage and responsible fashion choices.